Allene Kennedy

u14 Coach

I grew up in Truckee California and was on skis as young as one year old. I ski raced with a couple different teams, all that didn’t fit until I ended up at Squaw Valley at 12 years old. It was here that I really developed a passion for skiing, both ski racing and freeskiing. I ski raced competetively with Squaw Valley USA and the Western Regional Team at a National level until 18 years old. I then competed in the university circuit for McGill Ski Team where I was Captain for 2 years. I have now been coaching with Sunshine Village for the last 4 years, first as a U12 coach and now with U14.

I am truly passionate about skiing and I hope to pass that passion on to the atheletes I coach. My philosophy is to encourage, motivate and support athletes while maintaining a fun aspect that many athletes miss out on. I hope to help develop well rounded skiers and wholistic people. Ski racing has guided most of my adult life and has given me unparrelleled experiences. My hope is that I can pass that on to as many athletes and young adults possible!

Garrett Wilson


I grew up in the Montreal area, skiing at Mont Saint-Sauveur, Mont Tremblant, and Mont Sainte-Anne. I moved to Calgary and began racing at the Nancy Greene level with the Kananaskis Ski Team. I switched to the Sunshine Ski Club at age 11 and raced with Sunshine until the age of 17. I went to the Alberta Ski Team after my second year of FIS with Sunshine

I believe that developing a passion for skiing in young racers is the most influential and integral part of their development. Not only as ski racers, but as all around skiers as well. Getting the athletes excited and enthusiastic about time spent on and off snow with the team is my main focus as a coach and a role model. 

Johnny Bennett

U16 Coach

I grew up in southern Ontario skiing and ski racing at Caledon ski club. I ski raced competively for 5 years along with playing basketball and soccer competively at the same time. I have coached ski racing in the area full time for over 10 years now and have coached and instructed for over 20 years.

My main passion outside skiing is mountain biking. I love how skiing and mountain biking require the same skill sets, and give similar feelings as skiing. Choosing a line, gassing out of a turn, even sending a jump line. It all feels the same as a skiing and ski racing.

I currently reside in Banff Alta., and work in landscaping for half the year. I find that this is a really great way to ‘relax’ and put ski racing in perspective in the summer, even though digging a hole isn’t very relaxing while you are doing it!

My goal always for the kids is to have fun, and learn how to ski and ski race. Since this is a life-long sport for everybody, I want to make sure to help create skiers for life. It has been a great journey for me and I hope to instill similar experiences in my athletes.